So, you’re here.

A warm welcome is of course in order. Whatever may be the means that brought you here isn’t really that of a deal. After all, what’s important is that you are here, and that should account for something. Now, chances are either you leave immediately or hang around a bit. In case of the former, may you have a wonderful day; and if it is the latter, may you find the reason for your stay. Certainly, this thing here is not the best, and what it only hopes is to be unique from the rest.

If you’re looking for some scholarly exposition on a certain subject, none can be found here. Indeed, this corner is more akin to a dumpster of some random ideas about any of the aspects of day to day life, presented in imperfect grammar, riddled with unedited typos, but made out of the unique and uncompromising perspective of the author. Where the status quo is constantly being challenged, and the popular view put to the test. At least, that’s the way it is hoped it would be.

At any rate, there’s some thoughts that can be found here. They’re presently grouped into categories: COOKERY – It’s about making something to fill an empty stomach. ECOLOGY – Saving Mother Earth is the main theme here. LEGALESE – Talk about some cracks in the law. SOCIO-POLITICO – All about the day to day politics and politicians, and the public’s interaction with the two; and PERSONALS – For anything that doesn’t fit in any of the other categories. RANDOM LINES was recently added to give space for some interesting quotables that I come across every now and then.

So, read on. At your own peril. 😉