DSC_2024So I find myself at the end of yet another tough work day, in search for ways to bring down stress and relieve the mind of the work-related gridlock that threatens to keep it occupied and engaged way into the evening hours. A lot of options come to mind, but one stands out. Cook! That is, the verb form of the word, thanks to such wonderful personalities as Keith Floyd, Jamie Oliver, and Gennaro Contaldo, for introducing machismo and spontaneity into the realm of cookery.

Set everything aside, head straight to the market, and dive deep into the ocean of possibilities it offers. For me, this is where the excitement begins. Starting without any plans or ideas on what to cook, I go around and about, and just let an DSC_2026interesting cooking option fall into place as dictated by what goods there are on display.  In this particular instance, the following found their way into my basket: ground pork, green beans, tomato sauce, a bottle of gin, and the usual spices – onions, garlic, and spring onions. At this point, an idea had fully formed in my head, but interestingly, this one is, to me, new and untested, and whether it would work in the end was just a matter of gut-feel.

DSC_2028To the kitchen. Game time. Wash and slice, for the beans and spices.  Fire up the stove, set the wok, then add some oil.  In go the spices for a quick stir-fry. Ground pork then joins into the mix, followed by the appropriate amounts of salt, pepper [cracked], and MSG. Stir. After a short while, pour in a good amount of gin.  Stir some, but careful with the flame that the simmering gin catches. Magic. When the flames die out, add the tomato sauce and allow to simmer till it’s partly reduced to oil. Then, DSC_2030introduce the green beans. Stir. Add about a spoonful of Lee Kum Kee chili-garlic sauce for a spicy kick. A final stir, and it’s time for judgment.

When people began asking for more, or how did I do it, I thought, maybe, it turned out okay.

It wasn’t much, for certain. Nothing special about it. But it was a great deal of fun and excitement doing it. 😉

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