Poe Versus COMELEC

The COMELEC did not disqualify Sen. Grace Poe to run for president in the May 2016 elections.  Let’s make no mistake about that. Certainly, the Commission does not have the power or authority to rule on matters relating to the qualifications of candidates for membership to the House of Representatives, the Senate, and for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency. Continue reading “Poe Versus COMELEC”

Justice Department: the De Lima dilemma

First, no offense to the good ma’am. The truth is, this one feels that the country will be in a lot better state if more of the likes of her would get to serve in as much significant posts as she currently holds. There’s Santiago in the senate, Sereno in the judiciary, and then there’s De Lima for the justice department. Of course, the enumeration is by no means demonstrative of their order of importance. It’s just that the writter lacks the facility for simultaneously stating them here. Indeed, also belonging in the list are the Ombudsman (aptly the Ombudswoman) and chief commissioner of the Commission On Audit, with a great deal more, the mention of whom might necessiate the changing the title for this article to “The descendants of Joan Arc”.  Continue reading “Justice Department: the De Lima dilemma”

Just Another Putrid Pork

And it’s not something that we haven’t been properly forewarned of.  Ever since the introduction of the concept of the Pork Barrel into the Philippine legislature in the year 1989, there hasn’t been a lack of vigilant citizens who timely raised questions affecting its constitutionality. In the case of Philiconsa vs. Enriquez, G.R. No. 113105, August 19, 1994, and related cases, the provisions in the General Appropriations Act of 1994 that comprise the so-called Pork Barrels underwent the rigid constitutional test. With only a few dissents, the Supreme Court majority upheld the constitutionality of the questioned measures.  Continue reading “Just Another Putrid Pork”